Seen Ben Wilson's Chewing Gum Paintings On Millennium Bridge?

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Seen Ben Wilson's Chewing Gum Paintings On Millennium Bridge?

Artist Ben Wilson has a unique talent: painting discarded gobs of chewing gum on the pavement.

He's been at it as long as we can remember, decorating the spitter litter of the capital from Muswell Hill to Trinity Buoy Wharf.

Wilson's most famous canvas, though, is the Millennium Bridge. Cross over at any time of the day, and you'll have to swerve more than once, to avoid those crouching down to photograph the miniature paintings. Many are clearly tourists, and we suspect that the peculiar art has found its way into more than one guide book to London.

His works extend right across the bridge, and even into Tate Modern.

The artist has so many fans that a recent Kickstarter campaign to make a book of his work rapidly reached its target of £8,000.

Image from Kickstarter video

The book will show some of Wilson's best pieces on the bridge, along with some of his work from elsewhere in the capital.

Ben Wilson, The Chewing Gum Man: The Millennium Bridge Gum Trail is expected to publish in November 2019. One to chew over.

Image from Kickstarter video

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