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Londonist is about London and everything that happens in it.

That means news, reviews and events; the history and future of London. We provide everything you need to know about the capital, as well as celebrating the quirks, eccentricities, hidden and surprising bits that make up the alternative side of the city.

Upbeat and eclectic, Londonist is created by a diverse team of contributors who share a passion for London.

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Nice things people have said about us

"You'll never be 'tired of London' with Londonist at your fingertips"
The Independent, June 2013

"One of Londonist's biggest strengths is its connection with a legion of Twitter followers, Facebook fans and London blogs"
Which? Magazine's 'Best websites for a visit to London', March 2013

"It's a what's on guide for the thinking person."
Frank Skinner, The Observer 2011

"I engaged with my city via the ace site Londonist.com (it's got everything from news and events to beautiful photography)"
Lauren Laverne, Grazia 2011


  • Londonist was set up in 2004 as The Big Smoker written and edited by original founders Rob Hinchcliffe and Euan Mitchell. Later that year, we joined forces with the Gothamist network of city sites. In doing so, Londonist became the first international addition to the expanding -ist network.
  • Today, Londonist receives over 1.5 million unique visits and over 3.5 million page views per month.
  • Londonist attracts a high volume of comments and discussion from its readers, not just on-site, but through our popular Twitter feed @Londonist, (c. 1.3million followers) Facebook page (c. 900,000 followers) and to our Instagram (c. 275,000 followers).  
  • We arrange regular events, including London-themed pub quizzes, guided walks, and more.
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Reviews policy
We review a lot of stuff on Londonist, from theatre productions to books about London, to new restaurants. In an ideal world, we'd choose all our targets independently and review everything anonymously. Indeed, we often do. However, we also rely partly on tip-offs from the venues, and PR companies representing them. In some cases, such as restaurant reviews, this can lead to a situation where the venue is aware that we are there to review them. Hence, our experience may differ from that of the typical customer. Regardless of how we receive access to a venue, we strive to make all reviews as fair as possible, and not swallow the PR company's line (unless we think they've got it right).

Advertising policy
When we carry advertising content in our editorial stream it is labelled as 'sponsored content', has author name 'sponsor', and any associated Tweets or Facebook posts carry the label '(sponsor)'. We avoid blatant SEO-style advertising and material from 'content farms' and work with advertisers to make sponsored content of genuine interest to a London audience. We do not accept guest posts.

Partner policy
Content created with our affiliate partners is labelled 'Partner'. Londonist receives revenue from the links in this article if you click to buy, but the product or event choices are ours.

Competitions policy
Competitions, giveaways and reader offers on Londonist are always commercially arranged and or provided by our partners. Normally, we need to take an email address in order to notify winners. We will never share contact details with third parties (such as the company behind the competition) without opt-in permission. Read our privacy policy. Londonist staff and contributors are not permitted to enter competitions on the site.

Media Partnerships
We forge media partnerships with carefully selected London organisations whose great London stories, events or exhibitions are of genuine interest to Londonist and its readers. These partnerships work on a co-promotional basis underpinned by advertising spend, and the co-promotional nature is clearly flagged in all website content and social posts. In most cases we dedicate an agreed amount of time and editorial space to each partnership, allowing us to create original content and in-depth articles around the subject.

We have delivered successful media partnerships with Museum of London, Mayor's Thames Festival, South Bank London and others. Interested in talking to us about a media partnership? Email advertise@londonist.com