Supperclub.Tube: The Tube Carriage Serving A Six-Course Tasting Menu

Supperclub.Tube: The Tube Carriage Serving A Six-Course Tasting Menu
Tube Supperclub: A man in a yellow sweater drinking wine at a dinner table in a tube carriage
For three nights a week, a Victoria line tube carriage transforms into London's most exclusive restaurant. Image: Londonist

Devouring hot food on the tube is a no-no — that is, unless you're at

If you've ever been to Walthamstow's terrific Pumphouse Museum, you'll have seen a couple of disused 1967 Victoria line tube carriages. They're often used for video and photoshoots — but for three nights of the week, one of them also transforms into one of London's coolest — and most exclusive — restaurants.

Tube Supperclub:  A table neatly laid out - with a waitress in the background bringing food
This dining experience is about the furthest you can get from a lukewarm Big Mac. Image: Londonist

Since 2018, gastronomic tube nerds have perched bums on moquette, and tucked into a six-course menu of Latin American cuisine, courtesy of Colombian head chef Beatriz Maldonado Carreño. The evening begins with Carreño giving a quick introduction to her menu — which is heavily inspired by her home country, and features a lot of corn, in the best possible way.

Tube Supperclub:  A dish of ceviches piles with avocado and greenery
The food is far better than it needs to be. Image: Londonist

Let's be honest — with such a winning setting, you could easily rattle off a half-arsed food menu and get away with it. Anything short of serving up a lukewarm Big Mac (the official food of London's tube network?) would do the trick. But refuses to settle for that. What you get here is an array of dishes straddling haute cuisine and picante comfort food — think tomato and chipotle tortilla soup, hake ceviche marinated in a punchy ginger-infused tiger milk, Cuban style shredded beef brisket, and a mousse-topped sponge cake doused in so much rum, it's in danger of having a hangover.

Tube Supperclub:  People eating at tables on a tube train
Just imagine if all night tubes were like this. Image: Londonist

By the way, you won't be eating off your lap — the experience includes white linen tablecloths, meticulously-laid silverware, dimmed lights, and atmospheric jazz music. What's more, there's no driver mumbling something inaudible over the speaker system every two minutes. Whereas the idea of spending three hours on a tube would usually be enough to make you flee London for good, this is an all-round joyous experience. The only thing this tube train won't do is get you home.

Tube Supperclub: Exterior shot of the tube carriage with people inside
Spoiler alert: this tube carriage will not take you home - unless you live in this very specific part of Walthamstow, Walthamstow, Thursday-Saturday. Tickets start at £67 per head. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options are available on request.

Londonist attended with an invite.

Last Updated 29 September 2023

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